My guide on how to visit Ushuaia Argentina is based on my first-hand experience. After reading it, you will be able to plan your travel to the End of the World and to make the most of your time there. Find out when in the best time to go to Ushuaia, how to choose your flight, how many days to stay, what to pack, how to choose the best accommodation.

Visit Ushuaia and take a picture with the End of the World Sign
The End of the World Sign in Ushuaia

Where is Ushuaia

Visiting Ushuaia, Argentina is a dream for many travelers around the world. It has been a dream of mine for a long time. When planning my trip to Argentina, after visiting Buenos Aires main attractions and exploring it further and discovering some non touristy gems, I was absolutely sure that I wanted to go to Patagonia and especially to Ushuaia.

It is considered the southernmost city in the world, or the End of the World, although the small Chilean town of Puerto Williams is further south. Nestled between the Martial Mountains to the north and the Beagle Channel to the south, Ushuaia is the place to see breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Once a prisoner colony and naval base, the city now attracts visitors with its scenic landscapes, diverse wildlife and endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

How to get from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

If you are planning to visit the End of the World, you will most likely be traveling from Buenos Aires. It is possible to get from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia by car or bus, but keep in mind that the distance is more than 3000 km, so it will take about two days to travel.

Ushuaia has only one land connection by Route 3, which ends in Tierra del Fuego National Park. Route 3 is the final southernmost part of the Pan-American Haighway. You will have to cross the Argentinean-Chilean border. Then you’ll have to take a ferry because Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, where Ushuaia is located, is an island. Finally, you’ll have to cross the Chilean-Argentinean border. However, the most convenient and less time-consuming way to get to Ushuaia is by plane and that was the way I chose to travel.

There are several daily domestic flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. They are operated by the national carrier Aerolineas Argentinas and the low-cost carriers FlyBond and JetSmart.

I found out that low-cost carriers often offer good deals on their websites, although checked baggage and seat selection require additional payment. Aerolineas Argentinas tickets are more expensive, even more so for foreign travelers. Checked baggage and seat selection are included in the price. Aerolineas Argentinas also flies directly between El Calafate and Ushuaia, which is very convenient if you plan to visit both Tierra del Fuego and Los Glaciares National Parks.

How to get to Ushuaia Patagonia

Low-cost carriers club programs explained: are they worth it?

Both FlyBondi and JetSmart offer a subscription to their respective club programs. For a small fee, travelers receive a year’s worth of discounts on airline tickets. The JetSmart Discount Club discount applies to the club member and one companion. With Club Fly Bondi, the discount is available to the member + one companion + two children.

It is worth joining the club if you plan to buy at least three or four tickets. For example: two flights and two people flying together. Argentina is a huge country, so if you plan to visit another part of it and fly there, it is totally worth it.

How to get from the airport to the city of Ushuaia

There is no public transportation from Ushuaia airport to the city, so you will need to take a taxi. Many hotels will offer you a transfer. Considering the airport is very close to the city, if you don’t have a lot of luggage the distance is walkable. However I preferred the taxi. I don’t remember the price I had to pay for the ride but it was not expensive at all.

Beagle Channel and Ushuaia from the plane

MY TIP FOR YOU: If you want to enjoy the view when you land in Ushuaia, choose an F-window seat on the plane.

It is also possible to visit the End of the World by cruise ship. Ushuaia is a popular port of call for many cruise lines, including Princess, Norwegian, Holland America, Celebrity, Viking, Ponant and Seabourn. The southernmost city in the world (La ciudad mas austral del mundo) is also the starting point for many Antarctic expeditions and cruises.

How many days to stay in Ushuaia

I would suggest staying at least three days, one or two days more would be even better.

FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE TIP: Since domestic flights in Argentina are often subject to changes, don’t plan anything important for the days of arrival and departure.

What to pack for Ushuaia Argentina

No matter what season you choose for your trip, be sure to pack the appropriate clothing. The weather in Patagonia can change in a matter of minutes. Locals say you can experience all four seasons in one day in Patagonia.

As a rule of thumb, it will be windy, rainy and sunny almost at the same time. It is best to dress in layers. Pack thermal underwear, a waterproof and windproof jacket and pants. Jeans are a bad idea, you can trust me. For the summer months, pack sunscreen and sunglasses. And don’t forget your camera with a spare battery and memory card.

How to get to Ushuaia Patagonia

When is the best time to visit Ushuaia

The best time to visit Ushuaia Argentina is from December to March. The weather in Patagonia is unpredictable throughout the year, but these are the warmest months. It is still possible to visit from September to November and in April, although some outdoor activities may be inaccessible and some of the trails in Tierra del Fuego National Park may be closed. If you want to see the Ushuaia penguins on Martillo Island, plan your visit before the beginning of March, as they migrate north in early to mid March.

I went at the beginning of March. The penguins were still there. And being end of season, the prices were lower and there were not much tourists. So, if you are wondering when is the best time to visit Ushuaia, based on my experience, I would suggest the beginning of March.

How to choose an accommodation in Ushuaia

There are many places to stay in Ushuaia. From hostels to luxury spa resorts, there is something for every taste and budget. Be sure to book your preferred accommodation well in advance, especially during high season (October to March). I suggest you check out the following hotels/hostels:


Las Hayas Ushuaia Resort. Beautifully set at the slopes of the mountain overlooking Ushuaia. Superbly rated, the hotel offers free parking, free breakfast, free high-speed Wi-Fi, pool, shuttle service to the city and amazing view over the Beagle Channel.


Albatross Hotel. Conveniently situated in the center of Ushuaia, just across the tourist pier this 4-star hotel offers free parking, free breakfast, free internet, a gym and a restaurant.


Hostal Del Bosque Apart Hotel. Situated close to the city center, offering free high-speed Wi-Fi, bar, room-service and laundry service.

Traveling on a budget? Find some great deals below.


  • Foreign citizens paying for accommodation in Argentina by foreign Visa or Mastercard credit card are exempt from paying 21% VAT.
  • The farther the streets of Ushuaia are from the water, the steeper they get. That said, if you don’t want to climb to your accommodation, choose one between Av. Maipú and Gdor. Deloqui streets or take a taxi.
How to get to Ushuaia, the End of the World

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