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Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you book accommodation, tours, transportation, etc. through them, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. So please, use the links and help this site grow. It will cost you nothing, but it will mean the world to me. These are the resources I use when planning my travels.


I find the best accommodation options at,,,,, or

When looking for a hotel, I search on first and then book through the link with the best price.

If looking for an apartment, I go directly to, and for vacation rentals I use

When traveling on a budget, hostel accommodation is the best choice. Hostels are usually clean and safe. Many of them have cooking facilities you can use to prepare your meals and save on food. You can even book a private room at some of them. Look for your budget accommodation at


🛫 is a great engine for flight search. One of its features I like most is the ability to search for a flight to ANYWHERE and find inspiration and the best deals for your preferred travel dates.

🚆I love traveling by train, especially in Europe. European trains are fast, comfortable, and reliable. Train journeys are way more scenic than traveling by plane or by car. Find your train trip in Europe on

🚗Renting a car means more flexibility, especially in places with poor public transportation. Find the rental car that best suits you on or

🚢Have you considered going on a cruise, or even better, renting a yacht, and sailing wherever you want?

Cruises are not for seniors only. Cruises are fun and a great way to visit several different places without packing, unpacking, and carrying your luggage from one place to the other. You won’t have to bother booking accommodation and finding places to eat either. Find the cruise that best suits you on

Renting a yacht is a great way to spend time with your family or friends, or throw a party at sea and have the whole vessel to yourselves. is a great place to choose a yacht for your perfect vacation at sea.


When it comes to booking tours and activities, and are every traveler’s favorites.

For the best free walking tours, look at the app GuruWalk. They are tip-based and, unfortunately, not available everywhere but it is worth trying to find one in the destination you are planning to visit. Their guides are great!


Wherever you go, stay connected without paying high roaming bills. Get your eSIM from