Lozenets Bulgaria: The Most Popular Holiday Village

The image showcases a vibrant water sports scene at a coastal location. Two kite surfers are captured in action, their colorful kites billowing against the clear sky, harnessing the wind to glide over the turquoise waters. In the foreground, a windsurfer with a blue and white sail is also enjoying the favorable conditions. The sea is alive with activity and energy, with small waves lapping at the surface, ideal for such sports. A rocky outcrop with reddish vegetation stands out on the right, contrasting with the blue of the sea. In the distance, a hazy coastline suggests a vast body of water and the expanse of the open sea. The presence of multiple water sports enthusiasts indicates this may be a popular spot for such activities, likely due to consistent wind and wave conditions. The photo captures the essence of a leisurely yet exhilarating atmosphere typical of seaside destinations favored by adventure sports aficionados.

Lozenets in Bulgaria is a sleepy village during winter, but it transforms into a lively and bustling seaside resort during peak season. This picturesque village has quickly become one of the most sought-after destinations on the Bulgarian coast, attracting visitors with its unique combination of natural beauty, seaside leisure, and local culture.

The village itself is a testament to the idyllic Bulgarian lifestyle, with small, coquette buildings and villas that have been transformed into comfortable accommodations. The settlement is enveloped in greenery, offering a blend of mountain and sea climates with average summer temperatures ranging from 22-31 degrees Celsius, creating an environment that is both relaxing and invigorating.

Lozenets beaches

The image depicts a peaceful beach scene with a gentle tide washing ashore, creating a rhythmic pattern on the sand. The beach is wide and appears pristine, with the soft, wet sand reflecting the sky above. In the distance, a small, rocky outcrop or islet sits just off the coast, adding interest to the tranquil seascape. The shoreline curves slightly, leading the eye towards a rugged headland that marks the end of the beach. The sky is mostly clear with a few wispy clouds, suggesting a calm and pleasant day. This beach could be an ideal spot for quiet reflection, a leisurely walk, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the sea. The lack of people and development in the immediate vicinity gives the beach an untouched, secluded feel.
Lozenets Beach

Lozenets boasts long and picturesque beaches, including the central Lozenets Beach and the more secluded Tarfa Beach, both known for their clean sands and clear waters, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and a variety of water sports such as surfing, diving, and fishing. The nearby former camp beaches like Coral, Yug, and Oasis provide additional spots for sunbathing and enjoying the sea. The area is also revered for having some of the cleanest seawater along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The central beach is about 1 km stretch of fine sand and dunes and picturesque volcanic rocks on either side. It is a perfect spot for indulging in water activities, sunbathing, or fishing. Interestingly, this beach also offers a nudist section for those who prefer to soak up the sun without any inhibitions. The beach has beach volleyball facilities and different water sports facilities at one end with a windsurf and kitesurf school. The other end of the beach has calm waters ideal for small children. There are also several beach bars and restaurants serving seafood and traditional Bulgarian food. The whole beach is lifeguarded.

The image depicts a tranquil evening at Lozenets Village Beach, a coastal destination in Bulgaria. The gentle curve of the shoreline is lined with a mix of sunbeds and umbrellas, suggesting a popular spot for relaxation and sunbathing. The water is calm, with a few people enjoying a late swim, and the beach gradually transitions to a grassy area, leading to a backdrop of colorful buildings. The architecture of the seaside town is varied, with some buildings exhibiting modern facades and others more traditional designs, all bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. The sky is a soft gradient of late-day colors, and the hills in the distance add depth to the landscape. The beach is not crowded, providing a sense of peace and space for the visitors present. A seagull flies overhead, adding a touch of natural life to the scene. This photograph captures the essence of a quiet coastal village at dusk, offering a glimpse into the leisurely pace of life by the sea.
Lozenets Village Beach

If you love music, then you’ll enjoy visiting the smaller beach of Lozenets. It’s located in a small bay and is part of a bar on the rocks. It’s a music venue with popular artists and DJs performing almost every night.

This image captures the natural and archaeological site of Begliktash, located in Bulgaria. The scene is a pathway through an ancient Thracian sanctuary, defined by massive boulders and rock formations that are steeped in history. These stones, covered with lichen and showing signs of weathering, appear to have been placed with intention, creating a mysterious and ancient atmosphere. The pathway is framed by mature trees with lush, green leaves that provide a canopy of shade, contributing to the serene and timeless feel of the place. A sign with the number "13" is visible on the ground, likely indicating an informational point or a specific feature of the sanctuary for visitors following a guided path. The natural light filtering through the foliage casts soft shadows and highlights across the scene, enhancing the sense of quiet discovery that such a historic site evokes.
Begliktash Prehistoric Rock Sanctuary

Accommodation in Lozenets Bulgaria

The region offers a variety of accommodations, from luxurious hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses, catering to all preferences and ensuring a comfortable stay.

How to get to Lozenets in Bulgaria?

The nearest airport is Burgas International Airport. Burgas is 60 km away from Lozenets. You can take a taxi or rent a car from there. During the summer season, there is a regular bus service between Burgas and Lozenets.

This image captures a sunny day at the coastal town of Sozopol, Bulgaria, where the ancient fortress walls blend seamlessly with modern structures. The sturdy stone walls, a remnant of Sozopol's historical defenses, run along the rocky shoreline, offering a scenic walking path for visitors. Overlooking the tranquil waters of the Black Sea, the contemporary buildings with their wooden façades and terraces echo the town's architectural heritage. This picturesque seascape, with its combination of history and modern comfort, invites exploration and relaxation in a setting that has safeguarded the town for centuries.
Sozopol Fortress Walls

Who is Lozenets best for?

Lozenets is ideal for a range of visitors, from families looking for a peaceful seaside holiday to couples seeking a romantic retreat, as well as adventure enthusiasts eager to explore the natural surroundings. The proximity to Strandzha mountain allows for enchanting walks and hikes, and the presence of microelements like magnesium, calcium, iodine, and bromine in the seawater is highly regarded by wellness specialists globally.

What to see and do around Lozenets?

A serene river gently meanders through the lush, verdant landscape of the Ropotamo Nature Reserve in Bulgaria. The calm waters reflect the dense foliage of overhanging trees and the vibrant greenery that thrives along the banks. This tranquil setting is a haven for wildlife and a perfect spot for nature enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of an unspoiled ecosystem. The peacefulness of the reserve invites visitors to enjoy a quiet paddle, observe the diverse plant and animal life, or simply relish the stillness of the natural surroundings.
Ropotamo Nature Reserve

Lozenets is situated in the Strandzha National Park, which is full of walking trails, wildlife, and serene villages.

Boat trips down the Ropotamo River in Ropotamo Reserve offer a unique perspective of the local ecosystem, renowned for its calm waters and lush forests.

The historic town of Sozopol is just 30 km away, and Tsarevo yacht port is 10 km away.

Have you heard of Begliktash? It’s a prehistoric rock sanctuary that was only discovered in the early 2000s. Archaeologists believe that it was used from the 14th century BC until the 5th century AD, making it an important site in ancient Thracian history. Begliktash is less than 20 km away from Lozenets.

The image depicts a serene scene within Strandzha Nature Park, one of Bulgaria's protected areas known for its rich biodiversity and unique ecosystems. A small stream gently cascades over rocks covered with lush, vibrant green moss. The water, clear and pure, reflects the tranquility of the surrounding forest. Autumn leaves, in varying shades of brown and orange, are scattered across the moss, indicating the transition of seasons. The composition of the photograph captures the peaceful interplay of flowing water and the stillness of the ancient woodland, creating a harmonious natural environment. This setting invites a moment of reflection and appreciation for the untouched beauty of nature.
Strandzha National Park

Head North as there are many places you should not miss there: Pomorie and its healing mud and an ancient Thracian tomb, the UNESCO World Heritage town of Nessebar, the beautiful Albena resort and the breathtaking Bolata beach.

Although the Turkish border is not far away, there’s a lot to see and do to the South of Lozenets. Have a dish of fresh fish at Tsarevo yacht port. Enjoy the serene Silistar beach and go to Sinemorets where Veleka river flows into the Black Sea.

In Lozenets, you’ll find that although the village is small, it punches above its weight when it comes to nightlife and dining. With several clubs providing quality service, alongside restaurants offering fresh fish and seafood, there’s something to satisfy every taste and mood.

Whether you’re looking to unwind on golden sands, partake in exciting water sports, or simply immerse yourself in the tranquil yet vibrant atmosphere of a coastal village, Lozenets in Bulgaria promises an unforgettable holiday experience where you can have the best of both the mountain and the sea.


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