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An Egypt travel had been on my bucket list for so long it seemed like an eternity.
I knew there was a lot to see in Egypt, but what I saw exceeded my expectations.

On one single trip to Egypt, I was able to visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza. Then I took the train from Cairo to Aswan. I went to Philae Island by boat and booked a day trip to Abu Simbel. From Aswan, I took a Nile river cruise to Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. On excursions from the cruise ship, I explored Kom Ombo and Edfu. We also passed through the Esna Lock, which was an exciting experience in itself.
I ended my Egypt travel with a few days on the beach and fishing from a boat in Hurghada.
In the time I spent in the country, I saw many of the Š•gypt attractions, but there were many more left to see for another time. I’m waiting for the New Egyptian Museum in Cairo to open and I’ll be back.

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