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Map And Camera: Bulgaria Travel

Bulgaria is my home country and I can say that I’ve traveled the most of it. If Bulgaria is not yet on your bucket list, plan your Bulgaria travel as soon as possible, while the country is still not overrun by mass tourism.

Why come to Bulgaria? Wonderful beaches with fine white sand, beautiful mountains with great skiing, hiking, and trekking conditions, and numerous archaeological sites from Thracian, Roman, and Byzantine times await you.

Only in Bulgaria, you can see unique customs such as Kukeri (people dressed in animal skins chasing evil with chanters), Nestinarstvo dance (people dancing barefoot on embers), and Martenitsa (every year on March 1st all Bulgarians put on a martenitsa – a talisman of health made of white and red threads).

Add also the famous Bulgarian hospitality and delicious food. Don’t miss to try tarator (cold soup made of yogurt and cucumber), shopska salad, and banitsa.
Plan your trip to Bulgaria with my reviews, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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