Bolata Beach is one of the most picturesque Bulgarian beaches

Bolata Beach: How To Get To The Unique Beach

Bolata Beach is located in a picturesque small cove on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is near the town of Kavarna and only a kilometer away from the picturesque Cape Kaliakra.

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Why Visit Bolata Beach In Bulgaria

Bolata Beach is a secluded sandy beach. With its unique horseshoe shape, it is one of the most picturesque beaches in Bulgaria. Surrounded by striking red cliffs and crystal-clear waters, Bolata Beach is a place for a peaceful retreat away from mass tourism.

How To Get To Bolata Beach

The closest airport, Varna Airport, is located about 70 km away. To get from Varna Airport to Bolata Beach, you will have to drive along a scenic coastal road. Public transport options are limited if non-existent, so renting a car is a must.

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Accommodation Near Bolata Beach

Look for accommodation in the nearby towns of Kavarna and Balgarevo. You will find a range of comfortable lodgings and guesthouses. Most of these establishments lack luxury but will give you a cozy and authentic Bulgarian experience.

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If you are looking for more upscale accommodation, Albena Resort is 50 km away.

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What To See And Do Around Bolata Beach

Bolata Beach is not only a spot for relaxation but also a haven for birdwatching and nature enthusiasts. The surrounding area is part of the Kaliakra Nature Reserve. It is ideal for hiking along the cliffs for breathtaking views and exploring the diverse bird species.

The historic Kaliakra Fortress gate on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
Kaliakra Fortress

The nearby Kaliakra Fortress is a must for history lovers. The ancient city of Balchik with its beautiful botanical garden and Balchik Palace is 35 km away from Bolata Beach.

Tyulenovo Cliffs in Bulgaria is a huge natural stone arch.
Tyulenovo Cliffs

20 km further North is the picturesque fishing village of Tyulenovo.

Visit also Dalboka Mussel Farm for a great variety of mussel dishes and spectacular views.

A platter of mixed seafood, consisting of mussels with their shells slightly open, and small fish. The seafood is arranged on a bed of fresh lettuce.
Dalboka Mussel Farm food

Head South of Varna as there are many places you should not miss there: the UNESCO World Heritage town of Nessebar, Pomorie and its healing mud and an ancient Thracian tomb. Take a few days’ trip to explore the Southern Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. Visit the picturesque ancient town of Sozopol, chill out at Lozenets beach, enjoy the tranquility of Silistar beach and go sunbathing in Sinemorets where Veleka river flows into the Black Sea. Don’t miss Strandzha Natural Park with its diverse wildlife and out-of-other-epoque villages.

To wrap it up, Bolata Beach is more than a beach destination. It’s an opportunity to connect with nature, enjoy serene beach moments, and explore the rich cultural heritage of Bulgaria’s northern coastline.

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