The Basarabovo Monastery is the most impressive orthodox rock monastery in Bulgaria.

Where is the Basarabovo Monastery?

Saint Dimitar Basarabovski rock monastery is only 10 kilometers away from Ruse, in the valley of the Rusenski Lom river,

The entrance to the Basarabovo Monastery near Ruse, Bulgaria and part of the monastery with its wallpaintings in the rock formations.

When was the Basarabovo monastery built

The Basarabovo monastery dates back to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (12th – 14th century). The rock monastery that we see today was part of a large monastery complex. A saint from the Ruse region, a native of the village of Basarbovo – St. Dimitriy Basarbovski, lived in the monastery in the 17th century. He died in 1685 and later on people found his relics in the river Rusenski Lom, opposite the monastery. Miracles and healings began to happen around the relics.

How the relics ended up in Romania

After the end of the Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774, Russia obtained the right to protect all Orthodox Christians living on the territory of the Ottoman Empire. A Russian general decided to bring the saint’s relics to Russia to “protect” them. In my opinion, he simply stole them.

The church of Basarabovo monastery

On their way to Russia, the general and the relics had to pass through Bucharest. They arrived there on July 13, 1774. At that time the plague was killing many people in Bucharest. After the relics arrived in the city, no one else died of the plague. As a result, people of Bucharest begged the general to leave the relics in the city.

Nowadays the St. St. Constantine and Helena cathedral in Bucharest keeps the relics of the saint.

In the church of the Basarabovo monastery there is an icon with a part of the relics of St. Dimitar Basarbovski.

People often come to the monastery to pray for the healing of their sick relatives. They leave their photos there.

The interior of the church with its wood-carved alter

Others write their prayers on small sheets of paper and leave them there too.

Whether you want to pray for something or not, Basarabovo Monastery is worth a visit if you are staying in Ruse or just passing through.

And don’t forget to make a wish. This is a sacred place: your prayers may be answered and your wishes may come true.

NOTE: Basarabovo Monastery is a functioning monastery, so wear appropriate clothing when visiting.

Where to stay?

Based on my first-hand experience, it is best to stay in Ruse, as the Basarabovo Monastery is just a short drive away.

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